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About us

Baskervilles came into being when a life long love of our four legged friends combined itself with the realisation that tasty, organic dog treats were not leaping off the shelves in our local stores and markets. 

With a diverse range of pooch products readily available in our native England we decided to take on the challenge of creating something for the dog community where we live now, New Zealand.

Enthusiastically created, tried, tested and tweaked by Zac, Helen and a large number of furry pals, all our ingredients have been researched to ensure not only their suitability, but also their ability to bring a host of positive benefits to the treat and training side of your dogs diet. 

We select high quality 'human grade' ingredients so not only can you can understand what's on the label, it's also what you would you pick up in the supermarket for yourself. We don't bake with additional salt, sugar, preservatives or additives and keep fully up to date with what is beneficial for a canine diet, and what to avoid. Although these treats do have a good shelf life (in a cool dark place or in the fridge) they can't sit out the way processed dog treats can.